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Email Readings 

Email readings are available for purchase for ESTABLISHED clients ONLY. The delivery dates are between 4/14/23 and 4/28/23. If I have refunded you in the past and declined to read for you, please do not purchase any phone or email readings from me. All refunds are minus Paypal fees. 

*Delivery dates can always be found on your Paypal receipt. Do NOT purchase and forget to email you. You must email right after payment. Do not purchase if you can not send an email after payment. 


To avoid delays, please email your request after you make payment. Absolutely do not purchase if you need an immediate reading. If you don't agree with the wait time, do not purchase. If you request a refund for a phone or email, your refund will be minus transaction fees. 2.9% for US transactions and 4.4% for International transactions. Once you email your question, if you send me additional emails within the turnaround time, you will be refunded. Please do not send pics or provide any background info.


No health, legal, paternity/fertility/pregnancy, or time frame questions! You will not receive an email reading on Saturday or Sunday. Questions should be specific unless a general email reading is purchased. Questions can not be about time frames nor should multiple questions be asked within a question. Do not send pictures or background stories. If you send pics or background information, you will receive a refund. 


Please email me after purchasing. Do not send an email to any other email address other than Do not purchase if you are not able to send an email after purchase. You can not ask questions for general email readings. Only an email with your name and let me know you purchased a general email reading. 


Please make sure you have read all of the above information and understand the delivery dates will be between April 14-April 28, 2023. 

General Outlook Email Reading $79
1 Question Email Reading $29
3 Question Email Reading $59
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